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My name is Noémi Hauser, I’m a Hungarian expat, freelance food photographer and recipe developer living in Switzerland.

I have always loved spending time in the kitchen and playing with the incredible range of herbs, spices and colourful produces that can be found at local markets and in gourmet stores - I even grow my own vegetables with more or less success. Naturally, at the same time as my cooking repertoire expanded, I developed a keen interest for photography; at the beginning, blogging was what lead me to taking pictures of the dishes I lovingly prepared and shared on my site.

I am very passionate about food and just love everything about the art of storytelling through photography, be it seeking for the perfect props, finding the right lighting, prepping my set-up and styling.

As a photographer, my aim is to focus on the food, put it under the spotlight and make it the center of attention. Props are only used to highlight the dishes, not to distract. I strongly believe that less is more.

I hope you'll enjoy going through my photos and blog.



Dedication, creativity and intuition are the driving force behind my work. Nothing can stop me. If needed, I will bake, cook, style and whip up a dish a number of times or will drive for hours to get the perfect strawberries from that one special producer, just to create the story I imagined. I put my heart and soul into my photography.

I love creating photographic content about food as well to develop recipes for magazines, producers and others.

If you share the same passion for food as me and you want us to work together, do not hesitate to get in touch with me.

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